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    Hello everyone. Today I will be talking you through how to fix the search function for Alfresco 4.0d. Out of the box, Alfresco's search function runs on solr. However, solr doesn’t work properly on Alfresco 4.0d so when you try to search a document Alfresco will come back with no results. To fix this you will need to switch from solr to Lucene which will...

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    Hello everyone, over the past week I have been migrating alfresco from my server to a virtual server on the cloud. I shall run you through the steps I took to successfully set it up. 1) Preparing the new server for Alfresco The first thing I did before touching my old server was to set up my VServer and make it ready for alfresco. This involved downloading...

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    Hello there, today I will be talking about the Alfresco Buffer bug and how to fix it. The buffer bug happens on multiprocessor servers running Windows server 2008 R2 or Windows 7. This issue occurs because of a race condition in the Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock (Afd.sys) that causes sockets to be leaked. Over time the application won't be able to create new sockets...

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