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    Managed Cloud Solutions



    Remotely managed cloud computing services help your business run smoothly and reduce infrastructure and technical staffing costs. With our emphasis on cyber security, collaboration and connectivity you are never more than a phone call, email or message away from a professional team of support staff and engineers waiting to assist you.



    Cloud based solutions help to create an access from anywhere environment and can be implemented to advance several mediums including storage, applications, networks, and resources. Cloud based solutions improve these mediums for the end user by allowing for increased capacity, scalability, functionality, and flexibility.


    This allows for a reduction in the number of virtual machines necessary. Which in doing so can help reduce the cost on infrastructure and maintenance. Even further due to the reduction of physical machines needed, cloud-based solutions are essential to companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint. When coupling cloud-based solutions, with a world filled with laptop, tablets, and smartphones a true work from anywhere anytime environment is created.

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    Security, when not handled correctly, is the number one technological problem facing businesses today. There’s Spyware that can steal data, malware that can corrupt your systems and affect their ability to function or Ransomware which can completely shut all systems down. Any of these cyber threats can have multiple impacts on your business.


    Direct consequences include data loss, system corruption and monetary losses from having to pay up. Whilst second-hand consequences include loss to reputation and damage to relationship with clients. However, it’s not all doom and gloom and we have multiple practices to put in place to try and get you as resilient as possible. These include our anti-phishing software, domain level protection, alongside staff training. All this among other strategies that can be implemented to combat the hackers, making you as safe and secure as possible, aiming to minimise the chances of you facing the consequences of cybercrime.

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    Collaboration is a key part of technological success. The ability to collaborate between staff, partners and clients is an essential part to any business looking to constantly achieve optimum productivity. Microsoft Teams, VoIP, and SharePoint are all great examples of services that help to increase a business’s ability to collaborate.


    Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to create channels where projects, data and information can be easily shared and edited, allowing for multiple people to work in harmony. Additionally, the ability for team meetings with members who can be anywhere, again helps to take collaboration to the next level.


    We can offer VoIP that allows you to be connected to the office phone at any time, meaning that time out of the office does not take time away from collaborating. We have seen among our own clients how those who utilise collaboration most effectively can take the leap from national to international with cross continent partnerships almost seamless.

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    All of the above would be useless without the ability for connectivity. Therefore, reliable internet connectivity is vital for any business today. There are many different connectivity solutions out there to suit a whole range of company size and budget, and we can help with finding the right one for you.


    Broadband connections such as FTTC, Bonded DSL and DSL can be great solutions for businesses who operate in areas where internet connection is not at the most advanced stages. For those possible to utilise it leased lines including Ethernet, EFM and EOFTTC can improve connectivity even further. Offering independent connections with low-latency, consistent speeds, and greater bandwidth.


    All connectivity solutions help to increase business efficiency by keeping you connected to the internet and avoiding any loss of productivity due to down time. They also offer great scalability, and the created networks can often be improved or manipulated to develop as your business changes. Mobile networks running on 4G or 5G are also a great way to stay truly connected, with them offering high enough speeds to allow for constant workflow, no more waiting for documents to download or pages to open whilst on the go.


    When you partner Broadband or Leased Lines, with Failover Lines you create the optimum environment for business continuity. If for whatever reason your main line fails, a failover line using 4G and 5G technology will keep your business going, meaning internet downtime can become a thing of the past. Making the most out of connectivity can improve business efficiency, scalability, and business continuity. All of this can help to improve your business and customer experience whilst saving you money.

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