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    About Us

    Why IQ in IT.


    IQ in IT is an award-winning Technological Success Partner, founded in 2009 by Luke Whitelock, Technical Director, and Katerina Damcova, Managing Director. Both have extensive IT expertise from careers spanning both corporate and public sector organisations. Including education and government. This unique leadership allows us to achieve our three key aims: supply enterprise level IT support, alongside outstanding customer service, all at an affordable price to SME’s.


    We are obsessed with technology and are always looking to provide new and improved services to our clients. Our small yet effective team are constantly learning and training, wanting to share new knowledge and expertise with our customers. Our commitment to constantly advancing expertise allows us to offer cutting edge technology that is certain to transform your business. We aim to help you continually grow and advance, with improvements that are imbedded in tech. We want to get you technologically ready to be a front runner within your sector, enabling us to grow alongside each other.


    Security is always at the forefront of any solution. This is the one part of our service we insist every company should commit too. This includes constantly evaluating and updating security policies in accordance with even the smallest changes.


    Whilst we insist all should be committed to security, we understand that no two businesses are the same. We therefore tailor make every technological success package to each business’ unique needs. We work in partnership with our clients to understand exactly what their vision is regarding their company. We then aim to help them achieve their business goals, keep them connected, and optimise productivity all whilst keeping them secure and resilient to losses and damages that come in association with cybercrime.


    We know, that choosing an IT provider, is a complex business-critical decision. We understand how difficult choosing what’s right for you can be. Don’t worry! We make sure we optimise and maintain your business systems and networks, thus allowing you to work with optimum security, efficiency and reliability. We want you to focus on your business, allow us to worry about your IT.


    As well as being passionate about security, we care about the environment, sustainability is central to everything we do. From paperless technology, using electric vehicles for client visits, reducing waste through digital transformation, and recycling our clients’ hardware. We believe that being sustainable goes hand in hand with business efficiency for both ourselves and our clients.


    Essentially then we offer professional services imbedded in tech. If you utilise us completely, we will become your outsourced IT department. At lower levels we would become your co-managed IT partner, and at the lowest level just provide your internal IT team with the most up to date support and advice. We want to make you as secure to cyber threats as possible, all the while helping you to grow and improve by making the most out of the constant advancements within tech. We want to get you technologically ready to be a front runner within your sector and grow alongside us. We are intelligent with technology and invested in your business needs. Complete a free consultation form to find out how partnering with us can make you a success with tech.

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    Accreditations and partnerships 

    • ISO27001 accredited 
    • Silver Microsoft Partner 
    • Dell Partner 
    • Datto Partner 
    • Ombudsman Services 
    • Federation of Communication Services (FCS)
    • Kingston Chamber of Commerce Patron
    • Disability Confident Committed Employer 

    Our Statements

    To provide SME’s with Enterprise Level IT security alongside outstanding customer service all without the Corporate Price Tag.

    To beat the hackers and reduce the number of cyber attacks affecting SME’s alongside helping them best utilise ever evolving technology.

    To make the world of technology work for any business.

    To value sustainability over profit, all of our decisions are taken in light of our aim to work towards carbon neutrality.

    Meet Your New Team

    Office Dog

    Dora’s story is almost as inspirational as Kat’s. She managed to make the journey with Kat from the Czech to the UK, which must have been really scary for her so we’re super proud! We’re also immensely happy she was able to make it here, Dora is without a doubt the most important member of our team. She protects the office making sure to verify all and any visitors. Dora also helps to boost the morale of the team, believe us there is nothing better after a horrible commute to work than being greeted by that cute face. It really sets you up for a great rest of the day! On top of this she helps to make clients feel settled during their first trip to the office. SO, we love you Dora and thank you for making the brave journey and adjusting to life in the UK, you’re the best.

    Managing Director and Co-Founder

    Kat is our managing director, with such a fascinating life its hard to know where to begin! Kat has a bachelors and a master’s degree. Whilst earning these Kat made the inspirational leap of moving country, with her place of birth being the Czech Republic. Kat also finished her degrees alongside working, firstly as an IT manager for a collection of schools in South London and then later whilst starting and running IQ in IT. We think this shows just how committed Kat is to IT alongside her job and its one of the reasons IQ in IT are where we are today. More recently Kat has continued to be an inspiration both as a women and immigrant, owning her own business whilst making great leaps for representation in STEM. Kat has also made great steps in the wider community including continuing to support places of education alongside becoming the president of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce. If all this wasn’t enough, Kat also really loves nature and when she isn’t out spending time within it, she’s thinking of ways to save it!

    Technical Director and Co-Founder

    Luke is our other founder! He is such a tech genius its hard to put into words! For those that will understand, Luke, if he wanted, could basically write script for any software. A quick glance at his blog will show you, he has done third party work on software for some of the biggest names out there including: Microsoft 365, Hudu, Datto and Microsoft Azure. All this third-party work goes a long way in making processes a lot quicker and smoother behind the scenes here at IQ in IT. He also makes sure that all our internal software such as: client portals, cloud storage and security features including our phishing alerts, work the way they should be. He is constantly finding ways to improve the seemingly perfect and his expertise is invaluable to any one of our partners. In his free time, you can find Luke doing exactly what he does at work, scripting and making software better. The only time Luke isn’t engaged with tech is when he is spending time giving attention and belly rubs to his beloved dog.

    Head of Business Development

    Juri Weidenkeller joined IQ in IT as the Head of Business Development after years in the corporate world of cybersecurity software. His ethos in regards too, improving business processes through technology adoption is exactly the reason why he is a great asset to our clients and partners. Whilst his name is anything but French, he certainly speaks enough to entertain his in-laws in Normandy and as a plus can help with great holiday recommendations in France as well as his native Germany!


    Jean is our Number cruncher! Whilst she has been with us for 10 years, and is completely part of our team, Jean is in fact an outsourced number cruncher. We outsource and leave the numbers too her- meaning, we have more budget and time for us to really focus on the tech related stuff. Jean chose finance due to the soft and hard skills that are so transferable. What she probably didn’t imagine, was that she would use those number crunching skills to calculate just how many pieces were needed for her super amazing Lego Hogwarts monolith. Honestly, it’s really impressive and with all these skills, we have a feeling, we may just all be muggles to her!

    Marketing Executive

    Having studied History at university Liam arguably has had a non-traditional route into the tech-based world of technological success partner. However, his degree partnered with his earlier experience in customer and partner relations, from his time as a travel agent, makes him a great middle ground between our tech-obsessed engineers and tech-reliant customers. His hobby as a ‘gamer’ has (just about) prepared him with enough basic knowledge to be able to fulfil his role as marketing executive, communicating all the necessary tech-based information between our team and our clients.

    IT Support

    Simon came to IQ in IT following over 10 years working for Glyndebourne Opera House as the Senior AV Technician, where he was very hands on maintaining and operating a large assortment of technology including: media servers, projectors, intercom networks, and digital audio systems. As a result, he has tons of experience working with all different types of tech and putting them together in new and creative ways! Seasoned with working “behind-the-scenes”, he decided to swap the glitz and glam of the theatre for the servers and workstations of the IT world. Simon’s swap comes out of his enjoyment for learning more about how large-scale IT systems are built and connected, alongside how new developments can make things even more efficient. Away from the office he enjoys playing with smart home technologies and other gadgets but understands the need to disconnect when possible. In his time away from the computer screen he loves exploring the outdoors on foot, ranging from jaunts across the Sussex Downs to trekking in the mountain ranges of the world!

    Operations Manager

    Blake started at IQ in IT due to an apprenticeship scheme in IT. Since then, Blake has gone on to establish himself as a fantastic technician making the most out of his fascination for tech with its fast paced and constant evolution. However, since working at IQ in It Blake has realised that tech is not his only workplace passion. Blake has gone on too really develop a great love for helping people and maximising their experiences. This devotion to people and experiences has motivated Blake back into ‘formal education’ to gain all that is necessary to transfer his specialism from a purely tech based one. He is now working towards encompassing all that is needed too not only optimise clients’ experiences, but also help to optimise and manage his colleagues’ experiences. All this has gone to take Blakes service to an even higher level with him constantly receiving raving reviews from a countless number of our clients. It has also helped to advance Blakes career and is how he has elevated himself from Support Technician to Operations manager! When Blake is not at work quickly sorting clients’ issues, he is training in sword fighting or polishing his full plate of armour- if he didn’t already sound like a hero from his devotion to clients, Blake is literally IQ in IT’s Knight in Shining Armour.

    IT Support

    Alex is another one of our staff members who originally joined us through an apprenticeship scheme. Since completing his apprenticeship in 2019, Alex has gone on to become a key player. His varied knowledge allows him to complete responsibilities such as combined first and second line support alongside handling email, phone, and data migrations. Alex has been instrumental in a number of key projects and his seemingly unrelated degree in ‘Zoology with Conservation’ has been crucial as we make a move towards being carbon neutral. In his spare time Alex is mainly continuing his exploration with tech, and he has in fact built his dad an arcade machine consisting of all the old school classics! Alex has also spent time working with a conservation charity in Mexico conducting research to help understand species diversity. So we think his commitment to using technology to make the world a better place fits perfectly with our company ethos, making Alex a personification of the company and ideal representative.

    Web Development and Graphics

    Milan has very long-lasting connections to IQ in IT. He studied at university with Kat, however, whilst she chose the technological side Milan preferred the design side. Since then, he has supported IQ in IT with various bits of design alongside working for a number of the major travel agencies in Czech. More recently, sparked from the effects on tourism through COVID, Milan has become more hands on with IQ in IT. He even more impressively has started working alongside Nintendo! In his free time Milan moves between playing from his selection of over 130 board games as well as expressing his love for design through painting in a miniaturist style, something he is a specialist in.

    IT Support

    Matt is our current youngest employee, who came to us through an apprenticeship scheme and is currently working towards his foundation degree equivalent. Due to his age, he is our internal ‘Child of the internet’ so cyber security and tech in general is Matt’s second nature. Before he joined us, he had pre-existing knowledge in: gaming, building PC’s, playing around with software, programming, scripting, and even ethical hacking. When you partner all this with what he has learnt and will continue to learn as part of his programme, Matt is already more than well equipped to deal with any issue our clients may face.

    IT Support

    Damien is a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Southampton where he gained a masters to go with and enhance his bachelors. He joined our team through the kickstart scheme and in such a short time has already set about supporting our clients through his varied knowledge. His diverse knowledge along with his analytical and problem-solving skills allows Damien to come up with great suggestions and solutions to intricate problems. Damien has been working on automating processes in order to increase productivity and this will benefit our clients’ experience with their daily tasks. Outside of work, Damien is a volunteer at his local charity named “Coptic City mission” based in Pimlico and helps to feed the homeless of London.

    IT Support

    Harry has been a member of the IQ in IT team for over four years. In this time Harry has moved from a primarily help-desk role, consisting of directly assisting with clients issues, to a more behind the scenes role. Most recently Harry dedicates a lot of his time to RMM, our remote monitoring and management tool. In doing so, Harry has really advanced his scripting skills, for the technical audience, especially in power-shell. In his free time Harry is playing Factorio among a number of building based games or helping out by donating blood.

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